LISENSING AND COPYRIGHT. Alena Lazareva artist


Illustrations and designs are copyright to artist Alena Lazareva

If you want to collaborating, licensing an image, If you are interested in featuring my work in your magazine or other publication, or using my images on your company’s products, please contact 

Print reproduction without my written permission is strictly prohibited.


Image Use Policy:
If you are simply interested in using my artwork to show off, Facebook, Pinterest, LiveJournal, etc. you are welcome to do so free of charge of course, as long as you follow the following restrictions:

 You will need to credit the following: Alena Lazareva or a link  to

  • No changing the pictures whatsoever.
  • If you are selling something  I do not allow free display of my artwork.
  • You may NOT claim the illustration as your own or alter the illustration and claim as your own creation. I retain the copyrights
  • You may NOT create patterns, collage sheets, prints, coloring books, CDs or claim the art as your own to sell
  • Not Commercial Use  without explicit written agreement, or signed licensing agreement from Alena Lazareva.  

You are not permitted to use Alena Lazareva’s images to manufacture your own products for sale in any form or through any market such as ebay or elsewhere without a signed Licensing Agreement from Alena Lazareva